Submit your modeling profiles

Do you have model qualities? Have you ever wanted to wear designer clothes and be on the catwalk like Amber Chia or Ling Tan? Do you have the X-factor to make it as a professional model? Do you have a face that can express character and speak to the audience? Are you a natural in camera and a professional?

If modelling has been on your mind for some time and you have always enjoyed the limelight, you might want to contact us and join the fashion trend. Be bold and take the step that will change your life forever. Let us bridge you with some top modelling projects and assignments which would propel you to greater heights!

If you have what it takes to be a professional model, send your profile to us. Tell us what your features are and post your availability and types of projects preferred.  When something comes up, you will be the first to know.

Are you Professional Makeup artist?

Do you have the skills of a professional makeup artist? Have you done some remarkable jobs in the past? Are you versatile to use makeup as the means to change a person’s appearance?

We are looking for makeup artists for shows, photo shoots and other fashion assignments. If you are looking for new projects or can contribute in your makeup skills, you can now be part of these projects. Send us your profiles, explaining what you have done in the past and what your areas of expertise are. Show us some of your best works and how you can contribute.

Photographer’s Profile Submission

Are you very well-versed with the camera and has been taking pictures that captivate and attract? Do you know how to bring out the best from models who can express themselves in camera? Do you have what it takes to communicate to your audience through photography?

We are inviting professional photographers to send your profiles to us. If you have the skills to take great photographs and would like new assignments, send us your profiles. Tell everyone what you have done previously by sending in your portfolio and amaze them. Show your best works and your availability for any projects coming up.

Malaysian DreamGirl Modelling Reality Show

It started with 12 girls in 1 house competing for 1 grand prize. 11 weeks and 24 drama-dripping heart-pounding episodes later, 1 girl triumphed over all and emerged the new Malaysian Dreamgirl. The incredible Season 2 is now officially over. Season 3 was already in the works and auditions will kicked off. It was
fabulous! Malaysian Dreamgirl 2 first aired from 28th March 2009 to 21st May 2009.

Malaysian Dreamgirl is a reality series based on a model search competition. The show follows the lives of 12 young women as they step into the extraordinary world of modelling, endure the drama of living together and compete for the grand prize.

The competition begins with walk-in auditions held at major cities around Malaysia. Among the hundreds of aspiring Malaysian models that audition, 12 were selected by the judges for a shot at the big stage. These 12 finalists were then lived together for up to 10 weeks, learn the basics of modelling and compete to prove who is the best.

Viewers can follow their journey by watching 2 half-hour episodes every week and vote for their favourite model by SMS. Models will be eliminated from the competition based entirely on the SMS voting results. The last girl standing will be the next Malaysian Dreamgirl.

Elaine Daly

Model extraordinaire, actress, and former beauty queen – welcome to the world of Elaine Daly. Using her wealth of experience, she is set to scrutinize the girls’ every move, raise the stakes and see if they can make it in the real world. Watch Elaine like you have never seen before. Speaking her mind and telling it like it is.

Lim Jimmy

He is no ordinary stylist and has dressed A-list stars in the country. Now watch Jimmy as he judges beauty and talks fashion with the girls. With more than 20 years in the glamorous world of high fashion, this is one stylist who has seen it all.

Andrew Tan

Enter the guru. Having discovered and launched the careers of many successful models in Malaysia, there is probably none better at spotting new modelling talent than the founder of Andrewsmodels. Watch out ladies – Andrew is here to pick the best.

Julie Wong

Making up the esteemed judging panel is the dynamic Julie. A woman who has been on top of the cosmetics industry and who is dedicated to making other women feel fabulous, Julie is also founder of the Beautilicious brand.


Sharing their careful observations and commenting from the realm of blogsphere, meet the Online Judges – powered by HP and Intel

Kenny Sia

Celebrity blogger, noted blogger, call him whatever, we all know him as Kenny Sia. Listen to his humorous take on the intense competition and the thoughts of a regular Malaysian on the 12 stunning contenders. We need one of us up there, and who better than Kenny Sia.

Kinky Blue Fairy

Will she thrash the contenders for their sense of style or applaud them for it? There’s no telling how this fashionista will react. With her ever changing hairstyle (or lack of it), penchant for all things fun and fairy, and owner of some ridiculous killer heels, you don’t wanna mess with the KBF.